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Best Photos from Media Day

Just when you thought we were done bombarding you with media. We now bring to you the best photos from this afternoon's wild and wacky media day. Sorry for the size of these photos, all the photos can be viewed at our Flickr account. For some reason Flickr won't make the images larger than this. So I apologize for that. But hopefully you can still make out what's in the image. Enjoy!


Frings getting ready to deal with the media.


Hall waiting his turn to get his glamour shots.

Find some of my other favorites below the jump. Or once again you can click here for most of them.


Silva peering into my soul. I knew it was a good question.


Hall showing the digits to the camera.


Terry Dunfield's moobs, or a close up on the TFC badge. You decide.


Cameraman Tim Milne just grinding during the presser.


Wise Winter.


Bobby de Klerk. Keep doing what you're doing.


Blue Steel by Milos Kocic. Or maybe he was pulling out "Magnum" early.