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Champions League Ticket News Coming on Friday!

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According to the U-Sector forum Toronto FC is set to host a community breakfast that will take place at Real Sports this Friday. The breakfast will include a panel discussion with Aron Winter, Paul Beirne, and Ashtone Morgan. The reports indicate that the panel will talk primarily about the upcoming CCL match against the LA Galaxy but they will also talk about the draft and combine as well. The biggest part of the event though is set to be the announcement of ticket sales for the March game at Rogers Centre.

The post on the supporters group seems to indicate that it will be open to all TFC supporters but it may only be through the official supporters groups. There is no confirmation of this event at all from the club thus far but if the Supporters group are inviting people it is safe to say this is going to happen. If you are free on Friday morning and interested in attending this event your best bet is to get in touch with U-Sector or one of the other groups.

We will have coverage of the news on Friday and hopefully some highlights of the event. The main thing to look out for Friday morning will be the word on ticket sales. After months of waiting it seems that the time to start buying tickets is here so get ready to nag your friends and family!