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Toronto FC & Aron Winter's one year anniversary breakfast.

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Hope Aron doesn't get Maple Syrup down his favourite thin red tie.
Hope Aron doesn't get Maple Syrup down his favourite thin red tie.

It was January 6th 2011 that Aron Winter was unveiled as Toronto FC's new coach. What better way to celebrate the one year anniversary than with an intimate breakfast before taking a trip to Kansas City?

That's his schedule this morning as before heading off to the MLS SuperDraft combine thingy, he, Paul Beirne and some players will be participating in a 'community breakfast' with Supporters Groups and season ticket holders at Real Sports Bar and Grill.

Pancakes will be served (on a Plata? tweets from generally reliable sources suggest his deal is finalised, this'd be a cool way to announce it. huh?) and information given out about tickets for the CCL game against L.A Galaxy at Skydome. That will be followed by fans getting a chance to ask questions, and presumably mingle and take photos with everyone before they leave quick sharp the moment the clock hits 9:30.

I'll be your intrepid reporter at the event, I can't imagine there'll be any earth shattering news, (that'll probably be saved for meeting the real media afterwards, those who don't have proper jobs to be running off to, damn work) but if there is, you'll read about it first on twitter, but I'll try and update this as well. Going to a 'probably nothing' kind of event for free food? Hey I feel like a proper journalist now.

EDIT: So, putting aside the pep rally feel of it all, and the usual platitudes that were spouted, the important info is that ticket pricing will range from $12-$69, which is very reasonable really at both ends of the scale (also, 69 dude! as Bill and Ted would say). Tickets go on sale Monday for Season Ticket Holders to buy as many as they want, then they go through the waiting lists before releasing what's left to the general public on Friday the 13th. Expect an email from the club today with info if you get those kinds of emails.

Also Thomas Rongen was confirmed as the new Academy Director, we'll have more about that later, but for now, you can do worse than check out this article at Red Nation Online all about this.

Plata and Eckersley are 99% confirmed but it's now up to them to decide if they want to come back to Toronto were more or less Aron Winter's exact words, which sounds like it's just a question of how much of a raise Big Joao needs, and how much of a cut Eckersley's willing to take.

There's a proper media event at 10:00, so maybe there'll be other news then, but that's about it for now.