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TFC 2012 Schedule: By The Numbers

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If we cheer loud enough, we could hopefully play less games on GOL TV? Maybe? Hey! It's crazy enough it may just work! 
(Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
If we cheer loud enough, we could hopefully play less games on GOL TV? Maybe? Hey! It's crazy enough it may just work! (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
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Since I saw it done by Once a Metro, I thought it'd be neat for us to break down TFC's 2012 schedule by the numbers, with some help from a recent post by our friends at Sounder at Heart.

6 - the number of mid-week league games. One of which, according to my fellow WTR writer Dave, will clash with a FIFA date (August 15, when Canada plays Jamaica in a World Cup qualifer). It's not the end of the world, but August 15 could be a day that will determine our playoff and/or CONCACAF Champions League fate.

2 - the amount of games TFC will have broadcast across the United States, both at home. (April 21 vs. Chicago Fire on Versus NBC Sports Network, and June 30th vs. the Energy New York Red Bulls on Galavision).

TBD - The number of matches on GOL TV. Please, great Buddha/Allah/Jesus, with your great mercy, let it be few.

4 - Matches played on turf (in New England, Vancouver, Washington and the April 7th match in Montreal). Only a few years ago, we could only dream of such a number. This number does not include the turf at FC Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium, since we aren't certain that the Eddies will be whom we're facing -- not yet, anyway.

More numbers after the jump...

15 - Matches that start at or before 2:30pm Mountain Time. Don't people know that Calgarians don't usually get up on weekends before 3pm? Oh wait...that's just me.

2 - Matches that start past 8pm Mountain Time, a.k.a. perfect timing in the West.

1.335 - Average points per game (PPG) our opposition in 2012 scored during the 2011 season. Courtesy of Sounder at Heart.

14,541 - THEORETICAL miles traveled by TFC for all league games. Of course, barring how we do in the Voyageurs Cup, the CONCACAF Champions League and other competitions. For more information, or to check the raw data, see here.

300 - Distance between Calgary and Edmonton, the closest road trip I can go on (if this is how the Voyageurs Cup boils down, of course) without flying.

20 - The number of days off between May 26th's match at home vs. Phialdelphia and the June 16th match at Livestrong Sporting Park vs. Sporting Kansas City. I expect that to not last, since there's something called the Champions League and/or the farce that is the MLS All-Star Game and/or the joke that is the "World Football Challenge" to take place.

0 - Chance that I will like us to partake in either the All-Star Game or the World Football Challenge (unless it's Sunderland, but that's just me)

2 - Matches TFC will play on the Pacific coast (Seattle, Los Angeles), and thus the most accessible for someone like me. This doesn't include any potential cup matches, of course.

31 - Times we will play teams that finished ahead of us in the 2011 standings. I strongly expect that this number will drop significantly before the 2013 season.

1 - Clash with Canadian national team FIFA dates, an friendly on August 15th versus Jamaica while we play the Portland Timbers. Yikes!

3 - Times that TFC will play in the new white-red away kits after Labour Day. Shoshone Flowers has just fainted. Someone get me the smelling salts!

Got more? Or think I missed one? Post them in the comments section below!