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Getting hypercritical with Paul Mariner

My latest for Sportsnet, as well as an appearance on Red Nation Online's East Side Stand Up.

Mike Stobe - Getty Images for New York Red Bu

After Saturday's game, and powered by a few Boddingtons, I joined Ian Clarke on East Side Stand Up, Red Nation Online's always excellent post game podcast. We break down the game, the smoke and mirrors of Paul Mariner's excuses as well as look ahead to Canada's October games.

Being Hypercritical? That's a paddlin'!

I kind of expanded on the whole smoke and mirrors thing in my latest article for Sportsnet. Mariner's talk of injuries really doesn't fly when there's so many curious decisions he makes with who's in and out of the lineup, that seem to handicap the team further, as well as depreciating assets he could potentially be trading in the off season.