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Are you smarter than Dale Mitchell? Round 3

Canada world cup qualifying prediction contest.

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Once again it's time to take a break from the bleak pessimistic drudgery of Smarter Than Preki and maybe try on some optimism based on Canada. Cuba, hopeless, pointless and officially out of the tournament, surely Canada can get a win here right? But with a very real possibility of it coming down to goal difference, can they break out of their scoring rut and give the crowd something to cheer about?

Who knows? You do of course. Predict the Canada v Cuba result in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for correct result, 1 point for coprrect amount of Canada goals, and 1 point for correct amount of Cuba Gooooooooooooooooooolllls. Current standings are below, the winner will be decided after Tuesday's game and will receive a signed picture of Olivier Occean. Thanks for playing.

wright anomaly 5 (de ro)
duncan fletcher 5 (occean)
sulfur_chesh 5(occean)
brucehardingtfc 4 (occean)
lars lowther 4 (occean)
john leung 4 (legerwood)
b_like_fonz 4
tecate 4
berktopia 3 (de ro)
darth pingu 3 (jackson)
jc_plante 3 (jackson)
not miro kliment 3 (occean
dave rowaan 3 (hutchinson)
prizby 3
67leafnation 3
jeff salisbury 3
steph gunther 2 (de ro)
staticr 2(de ro)
psonumber9 2 (de ro)
redwineroz 2 (jackson)
kzknowles 2 (occean)
duane rollins 2
footy wolverine go blue 2 (mckenna)
kevin ferreira 2