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Are you smarter than Dale Mitchell? Round 4

Canmnt world cup qualifier prediction contest.

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So, pretty much everyone got the something-0 Canada win on Friday, this is the tough one, this one will sort the optimists from the pessimists. Will anyone get the right result and separate themselves from the pack? Hopefully because that tiebreaker proved to be no use at all.

Canada should be able to do well but will they? Who knows? You do of course, so predict the Canada/Honduras score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter, 2 points for the correct result, 1 for the correct amount of Canada goals, and 1 for the correct amount of Honduras Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooals.

Thanks for playing

wright anomaly 8 (de ro)
duncan fletcher 8 (occean)
sulfur_chesh 8(occean)
brucehardingtfc 8 (occean)
john leung 7 (legerwood)
b_like_fonz 7 (Occean)
prizby 7
berktopia 6 (de ro)
steph gunther 6 (de ro)
kzknowles 6 (occean)
dave rowaan 6 (hutchinson)
redwineroz 5 (jackson)
footy wolverine go blue 5 (mckenna)
staticr 4(de ro)
psonumber9 4 (de ro)
lars lowther 4 (occean)
tecate 4
lesean25 4
ams1984 4
bradtaylor78 4
not miro kliment 3 (occean)
darth pingu 3 (jackson)
jc_plante 3 (jackson)
67leafnation 3
jeff salisbury 3
duane rollins 2
kevin ferreira 2
hansdampf 2