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Be An Ally. Be The Change!

Burgos, Emory, Cochrane, the NEE and even Waking the Red are allies in the fight against homophobia. Are you?


Most of us pretty much recognize the fact that homophobia is not a good thing, inside the stadium, or anywhere for that matter. But somehow it persists, and sometimes closer to home than you might think (see Escobar, Yunel) -- so I believe it's important that we never waver from the fight against it.

Recently, Efrain Burgos, Logan Emory, Earl Cochrane, and the North End Elite have come out in support of our fellow blog Gay4Soccer's Ally list, of which they pledge their support for an open, friendly environment for all supporters and teammates. The list is a who's who of North American soccer -- including the commentator that we all love to hate, Alexi Lalas. (There's a lot to hate about him, but being an ally...not one of them.)

So now you must be asking -- what does that have to do with me? Well, if you're just a fan but want to support too, then take GLSEN's Ally Pledge (or take the one from G4S here) to help reduce and eliminate homophobia from our lives. You can also read stories of why people have chosen to be an Ally, to perhaps inspire you to do the same.

It's not rocket science, nor is it hard to do. Sign the pledge, help eliminate homophobia, and be the change!