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Canadians React to Sinclair Suspension By Opening Their Wallets

Canadian outrage at FIFA has led to some interesting stuff. Take a look at the stuff we've found!

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Jasper Juinen - Getty Images

You can't blame Canadians for not being creative...or something like that. For the past few days, Canadians have taken to various social media to express their outrage over Christine Sinclair's four-game suspension and $3700 fine from FIFA.

Some have taken it a whole different step -- by opening up their wallets. Seriously, an Indiegogo fundraising site has raised over $270 already in the past few days, mostly from about four very generous donors that have chipped in. It's far, far off from the goal, and probably doesn't account for the fact that the CSA has already stated that it will pay the fine for Sinclair.

And then there's the Facebook group that currently has just over 250 likes, which hasn't been all that active since Friday with major posts. But hey, at least it shows that Canadians do care about soccer...or just about Christine Sinclair. Who knows?

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