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Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact. Last home game of the season. Meh.

Nothing on the line for TFC other than some minor bragging rights. The last home game of the season should mean more than just the relief that it's almost all over. But it doesn't.

Happier, simpler times.
Happier, simpler times.
Richard Wolowicz

Ah the final home game of the season. One last chance to see live football before the winter months, a time to reflect on, celebrate and thank the players for the season that's gone by. 2007 saw Danny Dichio's last minute equaliser and a post game pitch invasion, 2008 saw Rohan Ricketts score twice, 2009 was the crucial win over Real Salt Lake that set up the sure thing of getting a result against the Red Bulls to clinch a playoff spot. 2010 was Will Hesmer's preposterous last minute equaliser, and in 2011, well we tied but whatever, we'd qualified for the CCL quarter finals.

This year? Well, this will be all about the relief of the season almost being done. No more games to go to for 5 months or so will be a merciful release. I feel defeated, beaten down and broken by this season. I think Canada was the only thing keeping me hanging on. I need time to heal, I don't want to feel this way.

The big team news is that Darren O'Dea returned from his Irish duty with an injury so will be missing, which will force Paul Mariner to shuffle his favourites around imaginatively, or maybe, Eeeeeew, have to start Adrian Cann or Dicoy Williams. Ryan Johnson's out suspended, Quincy Amarikwa's probably injured. Let's hope Eric Hassli is as fit as he thinks he is, or Mariner might be reduced to pushing Wiedeman up front and Eeeeeeew, starting Eric Avila.

Montreal should be going for it with as strong a team as they can put out, Voyageurs Cup seeding means they do have something to play for beyond sticking it to TFC. TFC of course have nothing to play for, guaranteed last place as they are, other than the fact they still need 3 points to avoid the embarrassment of finishing with fewer points than the 2007 team despite the advantage of 4 extra games.

As I said, I feel broken right now by TFC, so that combined with having very little time means this is a particularly half arsed preview. If you still want more, you can check out my latest Sportsnet article, which was basically a game preview, looking back at our dominance of both Canadian teams this year. To accompany that, and to finish this on a bit of a positive note, enjoy the highlights of the last time we played Montreal, 3-0 at a half empty Saputo Stadium, Jeremy Hall with the boot then ball to the face, Frings and Koevermans, Soolsma on the wing. Good times