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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 22

TFC vs a Mexican team?  2-1 to TFC obviously.
TFC vs a Mexican team? 2-1 to TFC obviously.
Mike Stobe

The penultimate round of this year's contest, before we move on to Are you smarter than Aron Winter next year. It's still tight at the top, though long time leader slknowles did stretch his lead a little in the last round. One the face of it, this seems an easy one tor predict, just a question of how many gooooooooooooooooools Santos Laguna will score. But maybe they'll take it easy on us, or TFC will somehow be inspired to one more crazy CCL result. Who knows?

You do of course. Predict the score in the comments section, or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for correct reuslt, 1 for correct amount of TFC goals, 1 for correct amount of Santos Gooooooooooooooooools. Current standings below, thanks for playing

slknowles 40
susanjm 38
wright anomaly 37
duncan fletcher 36
footy wolverine go blue 33
kevinferreira86 32
kzknowles 31
the yorkies 31
berktopia 31
dkolish3 29
sulfur_chesh 28
steph gunther 26
b_like_fonz 26
brucehardingtfc 25
hansdampf 21
redwineroz 21
lars lowther 20
prizby 20
darth pingu 19
Tuffyrocks 19
bradtaylor78 18
varry galk 17
mps204 17
jc_plante 16
psonumber9 14
blindfolded tank driver 12
john leung 11
g_monsey 10
liverob 10
NotMiroKliment 10
tfcfan1974 10
boba fett 7
67leafnation 6
j_real 5
paul beirne 4
claudiofmeneses 4
plinkostar 4
dave rowaan 3
mike mcguire 2
craig moretto 2
ams1984 2
tfchooligan69 1
ouderwien 1
torontofcwufc 1
radoodle 1