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Should TFC take a run at Erik Soler?

Should TFC take a run at Erik Soler, given his record in New York?

Mike Stobe - Getty Images for New York Red Bu

Let's take a break from dissecting the past and take a look to the future.

Within the past 24 hrs, Erik Soler, former GM of the New York Red Bulls has been relieved of his duties. While the reasons for this appeared varied and run the full spectrum of rumours, from disappointment over ticket sales to potential issues with his marquee players, there is one truth in this.

This guy has been relatively successful at the MLS level and is well connected in international circles.

Largely credited with turning around the 2009 New York Red Bulls from a last place team to a contender, he is also connected with the international market. A former player agent, his ties to world football were large reasons behind the big name acquisitions along with complimentary players like Joel Lindpere. The Red Bulls under Soler and coach Hans Backe, currently sit 3rd in the MLS. Curiously, Backe might be available too if rumours persist.

I get that there is a camp within TFC that says we need to give our current Manager time to see what he can do. I also get that Soler's record isn't perfect. He owned a club in Norway which was promoted, then on the verge of bankruptcy a few seasons later. The truth is, every Manager that is available had to leave somewhere in order to be available in the first place. Everyone gets fired sooner or later. That means there is never going to be a candidate that has 100% success in everything he has done.

My thought is, if Soler is now available, why not at least consider what he could bring to this club? Maybe he has nothing more to offer than Mariner does. Wouldn't it be fair though to at least explore it? Good houses don't always come up on the market. Sometimes you have make a quick move if you want that desirable property.

What say you? Would Soler be someone you'd consider talking to or should TFC stay the course?