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A working class hero is something to be.

The players union released the salary info again. So, who's TFC's MVP so far, who's providing the best bang for the buck?

Jim McIsaac - Getty Images

Well, aren't we lucky? For the 3rd time this season, the MLS players union released the salary info for the league. It was early August the last time they did it so there's not much new info on there as far as TFC's concerned, from what I can tell the only new players are Freddy Hall, at a curious, if reassuringly minimal $44,004, and Darren O'Dea.

O'Dea's looked like a decent player since he came over here, an undoubted upgrade over TFC's other Centre Backs and someone who has made the defence as a whole better, countless late goals and recent thrashings by the glamour teams not withstanding. Refreshingly, he's also a voice of realism in the dressing room, refusing to sugarcoat TFC's performances or smash Lee Godfrey's softball questions out of the park.

A good signing and one of the main pieces of evidence put forward of Paul Mariner's ability to bring in talent. That nagging question of just how much money he was making was always there though. Richard Eckersley proved that championship level defenders don't come cheap, and the fact that it was only after the Nesta and Mellberg deals went wrong that O'Dea showed up suggest there may not have been that much time for negotiation, a panicky deal may have needed to be made.

Base salary $330,000. Guaranteed salary $436,250. Yep, that's a bit much. Put his salary with Eckersley's and you've got an outrageously expensive CB partnership. Without the time to go through all the teams, I'd wager the most expensive in the league. Who think's we're getting value for money there?

Anyway, there's reasons aplenty for negativity this year, so instead let's end this on a positive. Who's been TFC's most valuable player this year, provided most bang for the buck in this salary cap world. You decide, with a poll, all figures from the guaranteed salary column.