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Salary Cap Shambles

Once again from elsewhere on the webs, my latest for Sportsnet, and another appearance on East Side Stand Up

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My latest article for Sportsnet looks at TFC's salaries, and specifically Darren O'Dea's One of the few pro Paul Mariner arguments I'd unreservedly agree with was the use of O'Dea as a good sign of what we might expect from Mariner. Now it turns out he got him by paying way too much.

Going back a few days, on Saturday, myself and Ian Clarke got into this in more detail in the East Side Stand Up podcast over at Red Nation Online, comparing that deal to some of the other experienced international defenders in the league, comparing TFC's defence to some of the best value defences out there and the wisdom of shopping in the UK rather than South or Central America for example. All that as well as breaking down the DC game right after it happened.