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Silva gets 4th in Rookie of the year voting.

The MLS award season got underway today, with the Rookie of the Year award

Not bad for an unwanted pick.
Not bad for an unwanted pick.

I guess the story really should be Austin Berry wins the MLS Rookie of the year award! But meh, let the Fire blogs write that article. This is as close to any kind of award that TFC is going to get this year, so well done to Luis Silva. Paul Mariner may not have wanted you, but you did well kid. There really isn't much on MLS' own site, but The original Winger has a detailed article with the breakdown of voting, check it out here. There was a clear winner and runner up in Berry and Nick De Leon, with Silva coming in just behind Vancouver's Darren Mattocks who came 3rd.

4th sounds about right really for Silva who got his year off to a bang with the goal against L.A and then really came into his own later in the year, especially when paired with Eric Hassli up top. He plays a similar position to Nick De Leon, and maybe didn't have as good a year, but the fact that he had that year with TFC should be considered as a factor in that. Put De Leon amidst our chaos and let Silva play at DC in a generally more organised team with more talent around him, and I'd wager that Silva would have looked better.

Anyway, TFC did at least get a mention in this award, I'd suggest that will probably be our last.