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Toronto FC Academy well represented in CSL award nominations.

The Canadian Soccer League announced their award nominations for the 2012 season and there is a fair bit of Toronto FC academy content in the running.

Sergio Camargo joined the first team against Liverpool but spent most of the season starring in the CSL
Sergio Camargo joined the first team against Liverpool but spent most of the season starring in the CSL
Tom Szczerbowski

2012 was a strong year for both of the Toronto FC academy teams that took part in CSL action. The U18 team, under the guidance of Danny Dichio, finished with a record of 10 wins, 7 defeats, and 5 draws which was good enough for 7th place and a playoff date against the Montreal Impact academy which they lost 2-0. The U17 team had an even better season as they went all 16 matches of the regular season undefeated and wound up with 13 wins and 3 draws. With a number of players missing for their playoff game they wound up losing 2-0 to the Mississauga Eagles B side.

Now with the season in the books all that is left to do is hand out the individual hardware for the league. Toronto has a clear presence on the ballot with four first division nominations and seven in the second division. The list of TFCA's nominated players and coaches is as follows:

Nicola Paunic - First Divison Defender of the Year and Rookie of the Year

Sergio Camargo - First Division Rookie of the Year

Danny Dichio - First Division Coach of the Year

Mark Wadid - Second Division MVP and Rookie of the Year

Mark Rogal - Second Division Goalkeeper of the Year

Alain Sargeant - Second Division Defender of the Year

Jordan Hamilton - Second Division Rookie of the Year

Dylan Sacramento - Second Division Rookie of the Year

Anthony Capotosto - Second Division Coach of the Year

Both Paunic and Camargo are coming off of very impressive seasons for the U18 team and will likely have put themselves on the radar as possible players to sign home grown contracts down the road. Camargo led the team in scoring with 10 goals in 15 matches while Paunic was a rock in the defense who also got forward frequently chipping in with 2 goals of his own in 17 appearances.

As for the U17 season it was all about Mark Wadid who finished second in the division with his 16 goals in 14 games. He was a consistent scoring threat for the team and benefited from having Jordan Hamilton (9 goals in 12 games) and Tre Crosby (11 goals in 14 games) along with him in the attack. The other players nominated are Mark Rogal who was a key factor in the team only giving up 9 goals in the 16 regular season games, Dylan Sacramento who chipped in with 3 goals from the midfield in 14 matches, while Alain Sargeant was another key factor in the team's impressive defensive record.

The nominations show once again that there is certainly talent in the TFC Academy system but now it will be up to the club to figure out how to best capitalize on that talent and help them transition from their current level to a stage where they can contribute at the MLS level.

The awards will be handed out at the annual CSL Awards Banquet on November 25th in Mississauga.