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What We'll Be Doing In The Offseason!

From Caribbean vacations to singing Broadway tunes, find out what'll keep your WTR writers busy over the winter -- and share your plans with us!

It's going to be a long, long time before we're back here again...
It's going to be a long, long time before we're back here again...
Harry How

The 2012 MLS season has ended for us here at Waking the Red, but the work of an MLS blog is never done, and of course there's life. So what are your favourite WTR writers doing to pass the next four or five months before we get to the 2013 season?

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It's the perfect time for the season to end, because (if you don't know already) I'm a passable tenor 2 (I'm no John Barrowman) with the Calgary Men's Chorus, and this Fall 2012 season has so far been one of our busiest, with three performances already. We've got four more left, two of which are Broadway-themed shows (how apropos, right?), and then a Christmas concert. It's practices, workshops and job hunting in between it all.

Sports wise, there's a team in England called Sunderland that I will be following. When I'm not covering the playoffs, MLS or talking about soccer in Calgary here at WTR (or writing even more mini-musicals, or even maybe having Shoshone Flowers return to give Paul Mariner and Earl Cochrane a right proper tongue lashing, you never know), you can find me reading the Roker Report. But for now, I'll be enjoying the playoffs in between all the other stuff that's going on in my life.

Then there's the cricket...oh, the cricket...


My plan is to strap some skis to my feet and forget about soccer for a few weeks! Forget about driving kids to practices, forget about the politics around future developments in youth soccer and most certainly forget about the 2012 TFC season!

Oh yeah, and there will be some time in the Caribbean to soak in some Vitamin D (ed: lucky you!) -- with that said, we all know we can't forget about what we do here entirely. From player recruitment, MLS Superdraft, to a possible search for a team President/GM, there will be a lot of stuff pull me back into it during the break.


This off season I am going to be trying to find any way possible to recover a sense of optimism and hope about this franchise. That is going to involve ignoring the past season as much as possible and looking towards the future of the club.

Chasing down every rumour about coaching changes and player moves that I can find while focusing a lot of attention on what the team might just do with their shiny new first overall SuperDraft pick. Along with that I will be taking a sanity break from TFC and watching as much good soccer as I can. That may be more United games, it may be the MLS playoffs, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, or even the occasional game from the Netherlands or South America just to mix it up.

Oh, and following along with Canada as they search for a new coach and name a new technical director. That won't be depressing....I hope.


With another less-than-fulfilling season in the books, a few months off the Toronto FC beat will do all of us some good. First, I plan on enjoying the playoffs. I support TFC, but I am a fan of this league and watching the rest of the season play out over the next month – sans club-associated stress – will be nice.

Aside from catching up on a handful of posts that were put on the back-burner due to time constraints, I plan on resuming my book reviews and perhaps digging a little more into the history of MLS prior to 2007 – yes contrary to popular belief, the league did exist before Toronto and Seattle came into being.

Posts on the Winter-Mariner axis, MLS bias, the acquisition of Darren O’Dea, the Canada debacle in Honduras, and the nature of fan expectations should be coming in the next few weeks. Then, hopefully, there will be some time to catch up on the European action that I’ve overlooked while focusing on MLS. Then it's another Christmas time get-together for bloggers and fans alike is in the works and before we know it the next season will be beginning.

Enjoy these stress-free months.

* * *

So what about you? Take our poll below, and share your plans in the comments! We'd love to hear from you!