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Toronto FC Top 31 Countdown: Number 15 - Logan Emory

A player that's better than this profile makes him out to be. Cheap, dependable, can cover two positions, a good solid MLS depth player. Sadly, with the odd calamitous mistake thrown in. At number 15, it's Logan Emory.

Holding his breath makes him throw the ball further.  Fact!
Holding his breath makes him throw the ball further. Fact!
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Average Ranking: 16.47
Highest Ranking: 10
Lowest ranking: 25

Duncan: 15 Logan Emory kind of appeared as if by magic (like the shopkeeper in '80s British kids show Mr Benn) towards the end of TFC's pre season trip to Orlando. All of a sudden there he was, making his first appearance in the final of the Mickey Mouse cup against Vancouver, alongside whoever was left (Soolsma, Avila, and a bunch of kids) after everyone else went back up to Toronto to prepare for the game against LA.

Eventually it came out that he was on trial with Orlando City, and TFC kind of stole him away from them, not endearing themselves to their hosts. Fortunately after that bridge burning, Emory did make a good impression and stuck with TFC and so it was he signed up on March 12th, announced with a charmingly amateur seeming video shot in the hallway of a hotel.

He played, on and off, under both Aron Winter and Paul Mariner, and proved himself to be a generally reliable, solid if unspectacular defender. Able to play at centre back or left back, and as it turned out, on a very affordable $44,000 salary. A very good pickup, the sort of depth player every MLS team needs.

Sadly enough, he ended up being a bit more than a depth player for TFC, as lack of starting quality, and injuries meant that he ended up playing far more than anyone would have anticipated, starting 19 games, and playing over 1600 league minutes all together. Here's some other fun stats from the season, he attempted 9 crosses, 0 of which were deemed successful, and he attempted 5 dribbles, 1 successful. Fun.

Overall he was a decent player, but almost all the individual moments I can think of were mistakes. This is best encapsulated by his early season game against Columbus. I remember thinking afterwards, aside from that, he actually had a good game. Unfortunately, the that in question was this moment. Right after Nick Dasovic jinxed it by saying 'I don't want to jinx it, but I don't see them scoring right now' the ball bobbled to him after a Crew counter attack, and he had plenty of options to clear the ball from danger, he chose to kick the ball right at the Columbus attacker, who got a fortunate bounce and scored.

A week later, it was up to Montreal for Easter, where he got himself a red card, though I'd say Ty Harden was more to blame for that play.

That was one of two red cards for TFC this season in league play, who got the other, why yes, it was Logan Emory, this time against Chicago, a harsh card, but it was a very unnecessary challenge for where the ball was on the pitch. The fun part of the clip is that it takes the commentators 30 seconds to realise it's his second yellow, the ref also didn't seem to be aware of it at the time.

Those highlights don't really do him justice though, Emory's an alright player, so I'll balance it out by embedding a good moment, a magnificent, perfectly timed, last ditch tackle against New York.

Fantastic stuff. Another good thing to say about Emory is that, after Efrain Burgos Jr left the club, he's the only TFC player on gay4soccer's ally list. Good for him.

He survived the first round of cuts, and I have every confidence he'll be back next year. The amount he got played late in the season suggests Paul Mariner likes him, he's cheap and can, more or less dependably, cover a couple of different positions for a very affordable salary. That's the stuff that the bottom end of MLS squad's are made of. I just hope he doesn't play anywhere near as much as he had to this year.

Dave: 14 Had some good moments for the team this year where he looked like he might be a good value for a depth defender but more often he seemed to be out of his depth. Some of his standout memories from the season will be the mistakes that he made leading to goals and his sending off against Montreal rather than the good things that he did.

Michael: 17 Depth player who get caught flatfooted frequently

John: Doesn't really know how to play defence.

Kristin: 22 Too many errors, too easy to turn him around, wonder if the haircut helped or hurt him.

The Ghost Of TFC Future: The early season hair was endearing. Seemed like a nice enough guy, out of his depth in a backline with a 20 year old left back, a fullback playing in central defence and Jeremy Hall. If he's back next year, let's hope he's an occasional sub who comes in and plays next to an experienced centre back. And, bring back the hair.

The Yorkies: Lost his strength when he cut the Screech-fro. Nice kid that belongs in NASL.

Casual Soccer Fan: Not a starter, but the kind of MLS plumber every team needs.

DichioTFC: Playing through a tough shoulder injury throughout the season, Emory definitely impressed many as he made the jump from NASL to MLS. Playing over 1700 minutes, he had a major role in TFC's season. Unfortunately, he was often in over his head, giving up possession at inopportune times and making critical mistakes. While he's no Nick Garcia, he shouldn't be starting in this league, at least not at this point in his career. A good option coming off the bench in 2013, he's signed for a few more years so expect to see more of him next season.

Shem: Somehow managed to play 23 games in defense, not too bad for this former Islander-player.

Prizby: Emory came in off a trial after impressing for Orlando City in a pre-season game against TFC. He was inserted into the starting lineup after Aceval showed he was incapable of being a starter and held down the position until the arrival of O’Dea. A few mistakes led to questions about his ability, but Emory has shown in my opinion that he has enough ability and skill to hold down a roster spot and play, at minimum, as O’Dea’s backup.

MCB: Playing in a league well beyond his skill level

Sir Alphonso Applegate: He showed some talent as a depth player, but like Maund I have no idea how this guy got so much playing time, especially at CB. Much better at LB.

Shel Soze: First time in the MLS not bad. 100% effort.

JC_Plante: The only TFC player to receive a red card. He did it twice. Indicative of a disciplined TFC or lack of effort/passion/aggression/etc...?

Panos Kelamis: Once he shaved his Afro he lost his powers . . . Powers that are best suited for D2 soccer

David Kent: Should have been higher (15),pretty steady,but makes critical errors. With time a good utility left back.

Number 14: Doneil Henry

Number 16: Nick Soolsma

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