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Kevin Payne to Toronto FC

DC United's Kevin Payne stepping down after 17 years at the club to move to another MLS club. Reports suggest that club's going to be TFC.

Paul Giamou/

Well, yesterday Don Garber talked about bold moves coming soon from Toronto FC. Then this morning, this report came out from Steven Goff that DC United's president Kevin Payne was stepping down to join another MLS club. No sooner had people started idly putting two and two together and speculating, and going into pun-creating overdriving, than reports came out actually saying that yes that other MLS club actually was TFC.

There's still no official confirmation of course, not even a Kurt Larson unnamed source confirmation, but that seems to be just a matter of time really, with plenty of people now jumping on board the 'it's happening' train, enough of them for me to lazily join in.

Presuming that this is true, there's plenty of questions still to be answered of course, specifically what kind of power will Payne have, what does it mean for everyone else in either direction. For those below him, will Paul Mariner's unshakeable confidence that he'd be back prove justified, will Earl Cochrane and Thomas Rongen's time working with Payne at DC solidify their positions in the hierarchy. Looking above him, will this mean an end to Tom Anselmi's involvement with the team. Obviously Payne (or whoever) would have to report to somebody and it's all going to keep happening within MLSE, but hopefully at the least this means Anselmi won't be at as many press conferences in the future, that in itself would be a positive for all concerned I think.

Hopefully TFC will eventually be forthcoming with details of length of contract and just what powers he will have, hopefully he'll be given plenty of time. Coaches are hired to be fired but changing direction every time that happens has proven an utter disaster.

Only time will tell if this will be a success, Payne's record at DC is mixed, massive early success followed by quite a few years of not much recently. Hopefully he's still got what it takes to make TFC competitive. In longer term bigger picture stuff, how would he fit in within Canada's soccer infrastructure, that's a whole other level of dysfunction to have to figure out and deal with?

We'll update as more information comes out. There's still a lot of questions left, some of which we won't know the answer to for a long time, but this has the appearance of a good start down that long road to respectability. Well done MLSE, now for the love of god leave him alone to do his thing.