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Toronto FC introduce Kevin Payne. Press conference - Live thread

It's official, TFC are about to enter a world of Payne. Join us here for coverage of his introductory press conference.

Paul Giamou/

So, that really didn't take long at all did it, usually these things take ages to go from leak to rumour to confirmed to officially unveiled, but here we are, barely over 24 hours after we learned Kevin Payne was leaving DC and there's a streamed press conference ready to go.

It'll be years before we know if this was a good move or not, but on the face of it it's a good start down the road to a stable, respectable and hopefully successful club. We should at least get answers to some of the questions out there with regards to what exactly Payne will be in charge of, what his responsibilities will be and what his basic ideas are, all that good stuff. Talking of good stuff, there's a good chance that this will be the last time Tom Anselmi has to be the big guy at these things, and given how bored of it all he looked at Paul Mariner's hiring, that's as good a thing for Tom as it is for us.

So, here's the live stream, if you can't watch this online yourself, join us here at 1:30 Eastern and we'll give you all the info as it comes up, with a huge overdose of puns to go with the usual Statler and Waldorf -esque cynicism.