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Toronto FC Top 31 Countdown: Number 31 - Efrain Burgos Jr

He was officially with the club for just over 3 months, he played 11 minutes all together. but I did see him score a couple of nice goals for the reserves. Kicking off the countdown at number 31, it's Efrain Burgos Jr, or Junior Burgos, whatever you call him, he came last.

I was actually surprised to see there was a picture of him among SB Nation's picture archive. Anyway, there it is, he did actually play for us.
I was actually surprised to see there was a picture of him among SB Nation's picture archive. Anyway, there it is, he did actually play for us.
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Average Rank: 29.47
Highest Rank: 21
Lowest Rank: 31

Welcome to the first article in 2012's TFC top 31 countdown. Toronto FC used 31 players in actual competitive games in 2012, so what better way to rank them than with a good old fashioned countdown. The question was simple, who had the most positive impact on TFC's season? The votes are in (to all who voted and especially those who commented, a big thank you) and for the next 31 days, every morning at 8:30am (ish, that's the goal anyway), we'll be revealing the rankings of TFC's 2012 squad, from worst to best, from Burgos Jr to, well you'll see.

We'll profile each player as we go, with thoughts from WTR writers and those of our esteemed voters who commented, feel free to add your own thoughts, memories, critiques etc in the comment section. It'll be a bit bare bones for the first week or so as we get through those who barely played, but it'll soon pick up, so come back every day to see how it unfolds. For now, in with a bullet at number 31, it's Efrain Burgos Jr, and hey, look, I'm already 160 words in, that's convenient.

Duncan: 30 Drafted in the 3rd round of the 2011 Superdraft, 44th overall work permit issues meant it wasn't until a couple of weeks into this season that he officially signed up, much to the delight of pun loving bloggers everywhere. He got a couple of sub appearances in shortly after joining up, the first of which was against Columbus (go to the 5 minute mark of this video to see him take a shot from outside the box that he didn't quite hit right and bounced just wide of the far post, but hey, it's proof he played).

He also played against Chicago a few weeks later, another late sub there, and though he didn't make the game in 6 highlights, the stats say he did get a shot on target, which is nice. He also was 'tackled and possession lost' 5 times in 5 minutes plus injury time, which suggests he was maybe trying a little too hard to make an impression. Add that to the 3 times it happened in the game against Columbus and his 5 unsuccessful passes over the 2 games, and an unsuccessful cross, and you've got 14 possessions lost in 11 minutes, Muy Bien Junior, muy bien.

That was it for the first team, though he did play a big part in the one reserve game I watched all season, against Philadelphia. He scored a couple of very nice goals, one set up by a lovely defence splitting pass from Terry Dunfield, and the second was assisted by none other than Luis Boa Morte.

If he was barely in Aron Winter's plans, it seems he wasn't in Paul Mariner's at all, and on June 28th, just after the transfer window opened up he was released to open up a roster spot. The picture on TFC's website to accompany the news has him looking appropriately disconsolate, as if they actually let him read his cruelly short TFC obituary. 2 sentences, that's all he got.

He's one of the few TFC players who joined Gay4Soccer's allies list, where he's still listed as a TFC player, but there's no news of exactly what he's doing now, though his twitter account shows he's still working hard towards his dream of playing in Europe. Best of luck to him with that.

Dave: 29 He impressed me in pre-season and I think he did enough to earn the contract that he got with the club, but not really a surprise that he was released after two less than impressive substitute appearances. Decent young player but not good enough to make an impact at the MLS level.

Michael: 29 Who?

John: 27 Was completely unremarkable when he was on the pitch.

Kristin: His loss ruined some of the best pun combinations we had.

The Yorkies: So many "Jr. CheeseBurgos" puns wasted.

Casual Soccer Fan: Who?

DichioTFC: Well, at least he has those 11 minutes. Nobody can take that away from him.

Prizby: Showed flashes of talent and ability in the reserve games he played, but never seemed to be able to crack the roster and was a roster casualty mid-season. Apparently he didn’t practice as well as he showed during games.

Sir Alphonso Applegate: A couple pre-season goals, couple reserve game goals, and looked lost with the Senior team

Ignirtoq: Bust.

The Ghost Of TFC Future:Efraim, we hardly knew ye.

Panos Kelamis: Even his mother didn't know he played

Number 30: Nicholas Lindsay

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