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Toronto FC Top 31 Countdown: Number 30 - Nicholas Lindsay

The last of the entrants to actually make it on to the pitch, I'm fairly certain he didn't even touch the ball, but just getting back to first team level is an achievement in itself, at number 30, it's Nicholas Lindsay

Back to 2010 for a picture of Lindsay in action. Hey, there's Santos! and Gargan! and Attakora! and Dasovic! Ah memories.
Back to 2010 for a picture of Lindsay in action. Hey, there's Santos! and Gargan! and Attakora! and Dasovic! Ah memories.

Average ranking: 28.94
Highest ranking: 26
Lowest ranking 31

Duncan: 28 Everyone knows Nicholas Lindsay's story, a very promising few games at the end of the 2010 season, then that ill fated ride on a snowmobile, a long way back over the last 2 years. There's been plenty of action this year at the academy level, and he finally made it back to the first team right at the death in Torreon. Brought on as a substitute with Santos Laguna ahead and only a few minutes left, I'm not even sure he touched the ball. He made a good run back to support the defence and help force a turnover. As you can see in this video, up front he almost made a tackle, and almost latched on to a through ball, and that was about it.

I saw one academy game this year that he played in, he looked alright, but nothing special. I'll break here for a voter comment from someone who probably saw more of him that the vast majority of people this year.

Prizby: Yes he only played two minutes this year, but I have watched him for several months at the odd academy game. From what he was in June and July to what he became in October is massive. He has improved dramatically leaps and bounds as he gains more strength in his knee and to come back from his horrific accident two years ago is credit to his determination.

Sounds promising. Whether Nicholas Lindsay returns next year will be one of the more intriguing decisions to be made this off season. Was that just a nice gesture from Mariner in a dead game? A 'best of luck at your next club' final acknowledgement of Lindsay's effort to rehab? Or was it a sign that Mariner has faith in him and sees him as part of the squad for next year?

Lindsay himself seems fairly confident he'll be back, though as seen in this Red Nation Online interview, he also seems confident that TFC can be competitive so, you know, he's maybe a wee bit optimistic.

I can't wait (for next season). I'm already itching for next year. As we finish off this year, there is so much that I want to show and that I want to give for this club. Just play hard, work hard and help getting us going back up to where we need to be, making the Playoffs, winning trophies and just giving everything I have to the team.

Hopefully he will be back next year, if he can recapture the potential he showed back in 2010 he could be at least an effective substitute, like Quincy Amarikwa but with a lot more upside. Mariner's 4-4-2 needs effective wingers if it's going to look good, could that be Lindsay? It's surely worth a chance.

Dave: 31 Great to see he is on the way back from his massive injury but still a ways to go. 2012 was all about getting healthy for him and not about actually making a contribution.

John: 29 Finally back from injury, better rating if he gets more chances!

Michael: 31 Never played

The Ghost of TFC Future: According to the TFC Game Log, Lindsay didn't see the pitch at all this season. I do know he was on the bench, though. The fact that he's even returned to the bench is pretty amazing, considering how bad his injury was. Despite all his promise, I fear this will be the last we see of him. I hope not.

The Yorkies: Good for him for making it back. Now be smarter over winter kid.

Jon Spratt: Never thought to see him again. Well done.

DichioTFC: Everyone associated with TFC wishes Lindsay the best with his injured knee. Hope to see a resurgence from this Academy product in 2013.

Kristin: Nice to see him back out on the field for a millisecond. Be great to see him come back but 5 minutes of play don't give much to judge.

Sir Alphonso Applegate: Welcome back and hopefully he can fulfill the promise he showed pre-injury.

David Kent: Maybe some good things, keep.

Panos Kelamis: After two years of frustating injuries, the fact that he made the pitch in probably his last MLS season deserves full marks

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