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Toronto FC Top 31 Countdown: Number 29 - Keith Makubuya

Boo-ya! Last year, he came in at number 37 out of 40, this year he just squeaks in at number 29 out of 31. Next year? It's not looking good for number 29, Keith Makubuya.

No picture of Makubuya from 2012, but here's the same one we used last season. Enjoy.
No picture of Makubuya from 2012, but here's the same one we used last season. Enjoy.
Jeff Vinnick

Average Ranking: 28.94
Highest Ranking: 25
Lowest Ranking: 31

Duncan: The countdown continues, so far, we've only seen those who barely saw the pitch, and today's no exception, as Keith Makubuya's TFC career remained stalled throughout 2012. After not playing again after the first game of last season, Aron Winter continued to ignore him, though he played a bit and set up a goal in pre season, and things didn't really get better under Paul Mariner. It wasn't until August, with injuries taking their toll and a bunch of players off playing internationals that Mariner had to return to Makubuya in desperation.

He came on as a sub against Portland, replacing Eric Hassli with 10 minutes left and TFC up 2-1. Obviously Makubuya brings a lot less of an attacking threat than Hassli does, and within 2 minutes, Portland tied it up through Darlington Nagbe, but then Keith got his moment of destiny, at 5:06 of this video here. A free kick hit low past the wall, and Makubuya flicked it on, beating his man to the ball and deflecting it just the wrong side of the post with the goalie well beaten. Cruelly, the chalkboard doesn't even recognise that, instead just showing one successful dribble and one foul won.

After that game, despite further injury problems and problems with scoring or getting any kind of result in the rest of the season, Makubuya didn't get a sniff, Paul Mariner often choosing to go with an empty spot on the bench rather than have Makubuya as an option. Still, it's better than Oscar Cordon who didn't even get a minute this year. The two of them were of course signed up for the first team at the same time, along with Matt Stinson and Ashtone Morgan near the start of the 2011 season, in what at the time seemed like a bit of a desperation move to get the roster up to a decent size.

It's obviously not a move that has worked out for Makubuya, he'd probably have been better off remaining with the academy or heading to the NCAA. From here, the obvious next stop is the NASL, USL or CSL, hopefully he can land on his feet and start moving back up. One last time with feeling, Boo-ya!

Dave: 30 Managed to get about 10 minutes with the first team this season but continues to be a forgotten man at the club. Struggling to make any sort of break through at the MLS level and has seen so few minutes it his two seasons that it is hard to see that changing in the future.

John: 30 Not impressive with the time he got.

Michael: 30 Never played.

The Ghost Of TFC Future: Got ten minutes against Portland. My hopes of one day being able to celebrate a goal by yelling "Makubuya makes a Boo-ya!" dwindling rapidly.

The Yorkies: If this kid couldn't get a look amongst TFC's goal-phobic forwards it's likely the end of the line.

Casual Soccer Fan: A memorable appearance vs Portland. Want to see more.

DichioTFC: Clearly not MLS quality. No reason to be on the club other that the fact that he is a TFC Academy graduate.

Prizby: His 10 minute cameo in his only game this year left me wondering why he never saw the bench, at minimum, the number of times he was healthy and Mariner would only have 4 or 5 or 6 available off the bench.

Sir Alphonso Applegate: Hate to say it but Makubuya doesn't appear to have anything to offer. Best of luck in the NASL or USL Keith.

Ignirtoq: Who? Oh. That guy. Um. Sorry.

Kristin: If he leapt out and said "Boo-ya" I still wouldn't know who he was - back to the Academy with you.

JC_Plante: Played 10 minutes. It's not like we didn't need a goal scorer.

Panos Kelamis: Time to start thinking of a 2nd career

Number 28 Dicoy Williams

Number 30 Nicholas Lindsay

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