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Toronto FC Top 31 Countdown: Number 28 - Dicoy Williams

As the countdown winds down, the players that have made the list so far have been fringe players for the squad, signed to fill out the roster or to simply say there are academy players on the first team. However, the latest player on the list is neither a spring chicken nor a squad-filler; rather, he's one of many players on the list that have battled injuries and lost a starting role because of it. We're talking, of course, about Dicoy Williams, the Jamaican international centerback, who busted his knee during international duty and saw 86 total minutes of play in 2012.

Not the most graceful jump from Dicoy. Also, nice face Gruenebaum.
Not the most graceful jump from Dicoy. Also, nice face Gruenebaum.
Jamie Sabau

Average Ranking: 26.24
Highest Ranking: 16
Lowest ranking: 31

Armen Bedakian: Even though Williams made the bench numerous times throughout the season, he was hardly called upon by either Aron Winter or Paul Mariner, who opted instead for Ty Harden or Logan Emory, or Richard Eckersley at centerback.. Though he was fit for certain stretches of the season, he continued to battle through nagging injuries, predominantly with his right knee, which he had surgery on this year.

His only league start came against Columbus on August 22, a game that Toronto FC lost 2-1. That was pretty much the only time under Mariner that Richard Eckersley got to move to Right Back, and he looked great, but still Williams wasn't judged good enough to keep Eckersley out there. Prior to that, he played one measly minute against the Houston Dynamo, a game that ended 3-3, introduced at the death after Houston had tied it up. He also played 76 minutes in the away leg at CD Aguila, helping keep a clean sheet, though that wasn't exactly hard work.

Still, Dicoy Williams, like his fellow injured centerhalf, Adrian Cann, can't say he didn't contribute anything to the season; in the fourth minute of play against Columbus, Williams, along with the rest of the team, left Eddie Gaven unmarked, and when Gaven received the pass from the left side, the resulting shot on goal was deflected off Williams' chest, past Freddy Hall, into the back of the net. That about summed up Williams' contributions for the year, a hapless deflection leading to a Columbus Crew goal.

Where does Dicoy Williams fit with Toronto FC? It's tough to say. He's got the pedigree for an MLS-level defender, and if he was fit, he may have seen more playing time this year, but there are many aspects of Williams' game that are less than impressive; poor marking, special awareness, and clumsiness on the ball make him a liability more than an asset. If he's still with the squad next year, he certainly won't be starting.

Duncan: 29 Good enough to play for Jamaica, but not good enough to force his way into TFC's defence. TFC's Defence! What does that say about Jamaica's defence? I had hopes that when he got fit again he could play a part, but clearly Paul Mariner didn't think so. I'd imagine he'll be gone when TFC announce their releases, bringing to an end an unsatisying couple of years at TFC. Best of luck to him.

Dave: 27 He came back from a major knee surgery but never really made an impact for the club this season. His two appearances for TFC were actually less than he made for the Jamaican national team this season. Based on the lack of playing time he seems to be nearing the end of his days with the club.

John: 16 Didn't see much of him due to injury, but wasn't too bad.

Michael: 24 Jamiacan international could have helped Eckersley play his natural role. Didn't factor into Mariner's line up

The ghost of TFC Future: Another player I'd have preferred to see starting over the Emory/square-peg-in-round-hole Eckersley central defence pairing. I had to do some internet searching to confirm that he'd even played this year. It turns out he had 85 minutes in the first 2-1 loss in Columbus in August and a single minute in that 3-3 draw in Houston. Since we conceded the tying goal in the last minute of that game, I can only assume the two are related.

Red Wine Roz: I remember when he tweeted a picture of his new watch. It was fancy.

The Yorkies: His Tweets are about to get a lot sadder. Will do well at Harbour View FC

Casual Soccer Fan: He played?

DichioTFC: I like Dicoy quite a bit and for his cost ($50K cap hit), I really feel he's a quality player TFC can use moving forward. But after a major knee injury, it will be tough to see how he fits into this squad next year. Maybe a quality depth player in the future, but not much of a loss considering how little he produced this year.

Prizby: Despite still recovering from knee surgery, for what seemed to be most of the season, when he did eventually play, he looked lost, confused, slow, and despite being on a low salary, taking up an international spot will probably see his exit from the club this offseason.

Kristin: I keep forgetting he plays for the team. Umm, good luck in international play?

MCB: Wish we we had a chance to see him play. Even if he was half the player before his injury, he would be better than most of the other defenders.

Sir Alphonso Applegate: I know there are guys who played more ranked lower than Dicoy but I rate him higher (20) than everyone I have already listed despite his little playing time.

JC_Plante: Also should have gotten more playing time. He is a CB with size. The ginger midget didn't belong.

Panos Kelamis: Like Cann, did well to come back from injury, but just isn't ready for full-time soccer

Number 27 Miguel Aceval

Number 29: Keith Makubuya

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