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Christine Sinclair 1st, Diana Matheson 2nd in Canadian Player of the Year vote.

Obviously Christine Sinclair won, the real intrigue was who took second place, and that went to Diana Matheson.

A bronze goal only gets second place?
A bronze goal only gets second place?
Stanley Chou

The BMO Canadian Player of the year award went once again on the female side to Christine Sinclair. That much we already knew was going to happen, and this was her 10th such award* as fully deserved as it was predictable. The more interesting race was for the runner up spot.

Diana Matheson, scorer of the bronze medal clinching goal clinched that, with Desiree Scott taking 3rd place. The full ranking went like this, though for some reason no percentages were released, media was asked to vote for a top 3, so there were definitely the non-Sinclair votes to be counted.

1. Christine Sinclair
2. Diana Matheson
3. Desiree Scott
4. Melissa Tancredi
5. Sophie Schmidt
6. Erin McLeod
7. Rhian Wilkinson
8. Carmelina Moscato

For me, any of Matheson, Scott or Tancredi could have finished anywhere from 2-4 and I wouldn't quibble for a moment as all 3 played huge parts in Canada winning that bronze medal. Here's how WTR writers voted, in the end we came up with the exact same top 4 as everyone else did, so yay for that I guess.

Anyway, here's the video the CSA put out to commemorate the occasion.

The Men's award gets announced tomorrow, which should have a bit more mystery to who gets first place.

*These awards have had a spotty history, with no award presented in 1997, 1999-2001 and 2003-2004. That was corrected quietly this week, with the following winners included as part of the press release for Sinclair's win, with Sinclair picking up two old awards to go with her new one to bring her to ten all together. Belated congratulations to all the winners.

2004 – Paul Stalteri and Christine Sinclair
2003 – Pat Onstad and Charmaine Hooper
2001 – Paul Stalteri and Andrea Neil
2000 – Craig Forrest and Christine Sinclair
1999 – Jim Brennan and Geri Donnelly
1997 – Mark Watson and Janine Helland