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Atiba Hutchinson wins Canadian Player of the Year

Hutchinson wins his second Player of the Year award, though the rest of the results weren't released for some reason.

Put aside that whole 8-1 thing and he had a good year.
Put aside that whole 8-1 thing and he had a good year.

After the foregone conclusion that was Christine Sinclair's victory, there was a bit more intrigue on the Mens side of things, but that award was announced today and goes to Atiba Hutchinson. He's had a decent year with PSV Eindhoven and played his part in Canada getting close to qualifying, working very well with Julian de Guzman and Will Johnson in midfield. It was of course his quick thinking that set up Dwayne de Rosario's winning goal against Panama, the cheeky quick free kick that the Panamanians were in no way ready for.

I haven't been able to find anything that gives a 2nd and 3rd place finish, never mind percentages of the vote received, which seems a bit odd really, were that many disgusted votes for 'none of the above' such as Lars Lowther came up with over at Red Nation Online?

Olivier Occean, who had a great year in Germany, scored the winning goal in Cuba and looked good by not playing in either of the Panama or Honduras games and Patrice Bernier who had an excellent season for Montreal would be the most obvious choices to rival Hutchinson for the title

Here's the video the CSA put out for the occasion.