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Dear Danny Califf (Part 2)...

Waking the Red's resident westerner gloats in his victory over welcomes Danny Califf, and offers a few pieces of advice.

Can't argue this call...
Can't argue this call...
Tom Pennington

Dear Danny,

It's John again -- remember when you said that you didn't want to come to Toronto? Well, how times have changed, eh? You're one of us now...part of the Red machine north of the border.

Look, I'm willing to look past what you said about not wanting to come here -- maybe you were having a bad day, or something similar along those lines. But what I can't let slide is the fact that you actually said you didn't want to come to Toronto. The fact that less than six months ago you said you didn't want to come here, and now we find you furiously backpedaling -- it's a little suspect to say the least.

Such a quick change of heart, after being left unprotected by Chivas USA. Usually I would smell a rat, but hey, someone somewhere in the TFC hierarchy -- maybe it's Paul Mariner, maybe it's Kevin Payne, who knows -- must have seen something in you. Our friends over at the Brotherly Game and Goat Parade seem to speak relatively high of you, and even I believe you would have been a good fit, and deep down in my bitter, jaded heart, I still believe that.

Was it maybe the presence of Darren O'Dea that changed your mind? Or maybe it was Richard Eckersley paired with him, along with Ashtone Morgan? It's pretty clear that together the four of you could be a pretty serviceable back four (something that we've lacked) -- but I do want to know why the change of heart. Could it really have been Aron Winter being a coach? Or could it be the dysfunctional dynamic? All valid reasons, but I'd still like to hear it from you.

You say TFC offers you and your family stability? Honey, Chivas USA is a calm breeze compared to the tempest that is Red land. But hey, it's a wonderful city -- and I for one am glad you will experience it. The food is awesome, the culture is excellent, the weather is pretty much like Philadelphia's (it's not Southern California, but hey...two out of three ain't bad) and they're very good with outsiders (heck, I'm from Calgary, and they let me write here...oh wait, Duncan can read this too...). Is that the reason why you came around?

But again -- maybe it's the chance at redemption that we offered to you that is the true reason. But whatever the reason may be, I'm willing to let bygones be bygones, so let's make a deal. Do me (and the rest of TFC's fan base) a favour -- do your job. Actually help this team fulfill that potential (no pressure there, I'm sure Payne and co. have more reinforcements coming in...) Then we can let what you did before, slide. But until then, don't be surprised if we're still a bit leery.

Oh, and welcome to Toronto (and Canada)! I look forward to seeing what you can do.

WIth love,