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'Kings in the North' hoping to re-invigorate section 127.

New supporters group starting up in section 127. If that's where your seats are, they want to hear from you.

Remember when 127 was a lively corner worth running towards? Can that atmosphere return?
Remember when 127 was a lively corner worth running towards? Can that atmosphere return?

6 years of losing and mismanagement will knock the enthusiasm out of the best of 'em, something to which the ever increasing number of empty seats at Bmo Field last year easily attests. Nowhere was it more obvious than in section 127 where the drum still faithfully dragged in to the bottom of the stand by the remnants of the North End Elite served merely as a sad reminder of what once was.

Section 127 still has 'supporter's section' status and a couple of season ticket holders in the section, Mike Newell and Dylan Doyl, are fighting back against the apathy, hoping to bring back the atmosphere in the north end, starting up a group they call Kings in the North. Neither of them were previously involved with NEE and they also asked me to clarify, as apparently they've been asked before, neither are in any way employed by or involved with TFC or MLSE.

My season tickets are in section 227 and despite feeling too old and lazy to really get involved myself, I always liked having that lively section below me, so I'm hoping this catches on. I emailed them to get some details, which I copied below. Things are very much in their infancy right now, so they're hoping to hear from as many of the supporters in 127 as possible, and slowly build something, so if that's you and you want to join in, or just find out more info, you can get in touch at

Anyway, let's hope this picks up and let's hope the team gives them something to cheer about in 2013. Here's a bit more info, in their own words.

"Originally Kings in the North was just an idea we (Dylan and Mike) were kicking around one night after a tough loss. We weren't sure where to start or how, but we knew that we cared about the club and that we wanted to give something back. For us, Kings in the North is about creating something in the north end that is inclusive, where there can be participation and creation from everyone in the section. We want Kings in the North to be a section where supporters stand up and applaud good football from kick off to the 90th minute (+ added time).

This is why we are putting a call out to everyone in 127 to get in touch with us. We want to know what people are thinking, so that we can create an atmosphere that is special to the northern end of the stadium. At this moment we are in the "infant" stage so to speak, we've just stared putting out the word of our intent, there are not many us right now, but we are planning a slow and steady growth. Of course if things grow quickly, we won't complain. In time, we hope to become a contributing part of the vast supporter network of Toronto FC.

If people are interested in finding out more, or joining, email Mike or Dylan at"