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WTR Year in Review: Goals of the Year

It's that time of year again -- time for us to start counting down the best (and worst) of Canadian soccer in 2012. In our first part, Dave, Kristin, John and Duncan look at the best goals of 2012.

Yay! I think I made the list! Whoohoo!!
Yay! I think I made the list! Whoohoo!!
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

You probably knew this was coming -- but here it is. Team WTR looks at some of the best (and worst) moments of the year 2012. We've combed over all of our coverage from the year, and we've selected what we feel are some of the best moments of the year -- all aggregated into five parts, shared with you throughout this week.

Today, we'll be looking at the goals that made us sob with joy this year. Tomorrow in Part 2, we will be looking at our champagne moments of the year -- and as always, if you agree or disagree with our sentiments, comment with your views below!

* * *

Dave - Ryan Johnson vs. Seattle: This long-distance strike from the now former Red came from the first game of the year, and it was a thing of beauty. Down two away at home, Johnson comes in and scores this stunner. While I gave consideration to Reggie Lambe's goal against Chicago and Terry Dunfield's late stoppage winner against Vancouver for various reasons, Johnson's strike was just too sexy for either of those two to knock it from the top spot.

Seems like it was a lifetime ago though...given what's happened throughout the entire season.

Kristin - Diana Matheson vs. France: Is there really even a choice for this one? For the sheer wonder, joy, emotion and oh yes, an Olympic medal (the first one for Canada in a team sport at an Olympics in almost three-quarters of a century, and the first in Olympic soccer since the St. Louis Games, 108 years ago), it has to be Matheson’s strike in stoppage time in the Bronze Medal match. I’ve watched that goal more times than I can count and it makes me giddy with joy and brings tears to my eyes all at the same time, every time.

John - Eric Hassli vs. TFC: Okay, so maybe this was a goal scored against us, but the sheer stunning majesty of it, the way it froze multiple defenders and even the keeper, and coming from what could easily be considered a rather innocuous play -- this has to be the goal of the year for me. Granted, not many of the late goals we give up actually end up missing the final cut for FIFA's Puskas Award, it's tops in my book. It's so good, that sometimes makes it into the backgrounds of my very vivid dreams...or are they nightmares?

Either way, there is no better goal of beauty in 2012, than this one.

Duncan - Terry Dunfield vs. Vancouver: A late winner to seal the deal. The Canadian Championship was still fairly fresh in everyone's minds, and the Whitecaps were still rather sore they had lost the title once again...and to us, no less!

Beating Vancouver's always good, and the disappointment of another late equaliser, not to mention Darren Mattocks obnoxious celebration set it up perfectly. As much as anything though it was for Dunfield's celebration, which I like to think went something like this: "Holy fuck, holy fuck, get off me guys. I'm going to jump in the crowd! Oh, I can't do that -- I'll get sent off. I'll take my shirt off...shit, no, I can't do that either. Fuck it, I'll just run and...sdkjfghdruishgdikuhgekgnetgvewjurgfbwieunrcuweghujwbf"

Drama seriously doesn't come better than this.

* * *

So what is your goal of the year? Let us know in the comments below, and vote in our poll!