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WTR Year in Review: Antacid Moments of the Year

You think acid reflux is bad? Try watching an 8-1 thrashing. In Part 3 of our look back, Team WTR picks some of the moments in 2012 that made them want to reach for something a bit stronger than Tums.!!!! Not the antacids! Anything but the antacids!!!!! Not the antacids! Anything but the antacids!

Yesterday we looked at the champagne moments of the year, and with the good -- there's always the bad. As part of our Year in Review series, Team WTR has selected some of the worst moments from this year, and have chosen quite a few whoppers.

And let's just say some of them have left a metaphorical mark on our hearts -- and it wasn't for the good. Take a look below.

* * *

Duncan and Kristin - The Tears in Tegucigalpa: We thought about choosing the entire 2012 TFC season for this one but nothing can top the CMNT 8-1 loss to Honduras that ended their World Cup quest. I’ve not watched a more anemic, disheartening and dream crushing game of football. TFC's was a long slow sould crushing burn, but for a quick kick to the nads extinguishing of hope, it has to be that game. When the 2nd goal went in, after Rickettts had missed two great chances, you knew it was over. Did the knife really have to be twisted that much though?

Never has one game so angered and depressed us in equal amounts. Even if the men didn’t make it out of the Hex, to flame out of qualifying in this manner potentially set the men’s program back several years and served to erase the momentum in support that had been building all year.

John - Sepp's Snub: This one is perhaps the most nauseating, but probably the most unsurprising given the classlessness that the organization has shown time and time again. I'm talking about Christine Sinclair and John Herdman missing the final cut for the 2012 FIFA Awards. Maybe Sepp Blatter himself had absolutely nothing to do with it, but for some emotional jabs to get to a big international body after what is arguably a shoddily refereed Olympic semi-final, seems rather...well, immature.

Maybe the candidates who made it are worthy, but for Marta to be placed in a final three when she's really done nothing, and playing on a national team (both men's and women's) that's on the downslide, and crashing out of medal contention when Sincy and the Canadians won something, just does not compute. Either way, you can see the class oozing from Sincy, while all you see oozing from Blatter is slime and sleaze.

Hey, I'm just calling a spade a spade -- block me from covering the 2015 Women's World Cup, FIFA. I dare you.

Dave - Another One Bites The Carpet: The worst moment for me one was watching Danny Koevermans
destroy his knee on the turf in New England. Not only was the injury painful to watch having suffered a similar (must less severe though) injury but it was also scary as I immediately thought that he career might well be over. Just a bad moment and really ended that nice run the team was having and made for a dire rest of the season.

* * *

What were the moments this year that made you reach for the antacids? Answer our poll and leave a comment below!

Yesterday, we looked at some of the best moments of 2012, and tomorrow, we'll be looking at some of the best quotes of the year. Best finisher of the modern era? Or worst team in the world? Find out tomorrow!