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WTR Year in Review: Quotes of the Year

He said, she said. There's been quite a few words thrown around, but a few lines really stuck out. In Part 4 of Team WTR's Year in Review, we look at some of the most memorable quotes of 2012 in Canadian soccer.

All right, we heard you the first 10,000 times!
All right, we heard you the first 10,000 times!
Mike Stobe

There's been a lot said over the course of 2012 in our coverage, and we've heard it all. It's been a year of tumult, but there were moments of joy. And we've got quotes to cover it all. -- today in Part 4 of our Year in Review, we offer up some of the most compelling quotes we, Team WTR, felt were some of the best and the most memorable.

* * *

For all the bluster, there was one quote that all of us unanimously agreed encapsulated the year that was TFC, 2012...

"We’re setting a record of the worst team in the world, man, and it’s painful. What can I say more? It’s just the worst ever."

- Danny Koevermans, May 19th

No other quote sums up the annus horriblis that TFC had. 0-and-9 to open the year after a glorious victory against LA in the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal, and then shortly after that, Koevermans himself would be lost to injury after slipping on the artificial turf at Gillette Stadium. A divine prank, or karmic justice? Or fodder for more Steely Dan songs? Either way, the absolute brutal honesty of it can't compare to anything else anyone has said.

...of course that wasn't the only memorable quote. We've got a few others as well....

"Andrew Wiedeman is one of the best finishers in the modern era."

- Paul Mariner, July 13

Okay, I know that we're all still scratching our heads over this one. Shortly after the trade that sent Wiedeman to Toronto for former Canadian DP Julian de Guzman, Paul Mariner dropped this gem. He'd been dropping a few before this, and would continue to do so (allegedly picking a fight with supporters, anyone?) -- but given what Wiedeman has demonstrated, it's hard to see the logic behind it. But it's good for a laugh!

"It’s a shame in a game like that that was so important, the ref decided the result before it started."

- Christine Sinclair, August 6th

I'm sure this one is still raw for many of us, given the absolute epic effort that the women gave in that fateful game at Old Trafford. However you slice it, however you see it -- it showed how much that lost chance for gold meant to Sinclair and the Canadian women.

"I’ll never forget the words of [current TFC manager] Paul Mariner saying that he wants to make sure he’ll send me to a last-place team and let me burn in the heat...who’s the last place team in the league and who’s battling for the playoffs?"

- Julian de Guzman, September 15th

Speaking a little too soon perhaps Julian? Sure, you might have gotten away from one dysfunctional family, but it seems like you've landed yourself in the lap of another. Dallas ended up missing the playoffs as well, lamely falling away two weeks before the end of the season -- JDG's contributions were anonymous at best, and that one goal against Vancouver would be his only tally for the Hoops.

I guess there's a reason to keep your mouth shut!

"All I can do is ask the fans’ forgiveness on behalf of the players. I know they’ll never forgive me."

- Stephen Hart, October 18th

A man in over his head, begging for forgiveness that was never going to come. Hired after the disastrous tenure of Dale Mitchell, Stephen Hart was in over his head trying to resuscitate a program that was in dire need of a pride transfusion. The fans bought into a house of cards, and ultimately it was Hart who paid the price for the collapse.

""I don't know how much you guys know about our home crowd and the city we live in, but it's probably not the smartest idea picking a dogfight."

- Herculez Gomez, March 29th

Yeah, whatever, Herc.

* * *

Think you have a better quote of the year? Share it with us in the comments below.

Yesterday, we looked at some of the moments that made our stomach do loop-de-loops, and tomorrow we look at some of the absolute stinky plays of 2012. Join us then.