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Julian Uccello set for Toronto FC Trial?

Last week we got the word that Toronto FC will be hosting two trialists while they are down in Orlando. We believe that the first one will be Kevin Huezo, as we reported on last week, but now we are getting some rumours about who could be joining him.

Reports have been spreading today that Julian Uccello, a 25 year old forward, could be that second trialist and he certainly fits the description. Julian is Canadian born so he would not require an international roster slot but he also does not have any previous MLS experience. Instead, Uccello has spent most of his career over in Europe but after showing all kinds of talent at the youth level he has now really fallen off course.

Uccello was talented enough to earn a pair of caps with Canada's Under-20 national team but more impressively he secured an extended trial with Manchester United as a teenager and even though that did not work out he managed to eventually earn himself a place in the youth setup at AC Milan. The move was a big step up from the various Toronto area clubs that he played for but getting such a chance as a 16 year old seemed to be a sign of great things to come.

But, that was never to happen. In the end Uccello never managed to take the step to the next level at AC Milan and instead began to make his way through a large number of different lower league clubs in Italy. He is now out of contract and seems to be open to a return to playing in his native Canada.

The good news about Uccello is that even though he has spent his whole career at lower levels and has fallen off the radar for the national team, he has managed to keep a very good strike rate. At most of his stops along the way he has managed to be the leading scorer for the club but repeating that feat at the MLS level would be a big step up from where he has plied his trade in the past.

Uccello's last club was Italy's Crotone but he left them with the stated intent to find a new club in the MLS or another country after failing to ever get above Italy's second flight.