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TFC dream job. Official Waking the Red endorsement.

So, if you've been anywhere near twitter or facebook recently, you've have noticed a lot of this #tfcdreamjob chatter. After reading the job description, it's not a job that would work for me, so I can safely indulge my inner grumpy old man (inner? ha!) and get all cynical and eye rolly about the audition and voting process which is very obviously and nakedly a big push for TFC to get a looooot of free social media advertising. In that spirit, I've most enjoyed the Yorkies application of one Maurice J, as well as Armen Bedakian's cheeky Colbert-esque campaign, 'Super-Pac' and all.

But my jaded view of the process itself doesn't change the fact that there is an actual paying job at the end of all this, and a real opportunity to make an impression within MLSE or the media that might lead to a permanent job, so plenty of people are rightfully taking it seriously.

Included in that group are the rest of the Waking the Red team. Dave, Keaton and John have all thrown their hat in the ring. if you're on facebook, you can go here to read their bios and vote for them (every day if you feel so inclined).

Vote Dave - Experienced reporter, TFC supporter

Vote Keaton - The Face of Toronto FC

Vote John - The Westerner!

So there we have it, my official and completely unbiased and uninfluenced endorsement. Even putting aside the obvious conflict of interest, they're all very deserving of making it into the later stages. Make it happen.