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Stefan Vukovic Signed to Senior Team?

Earlier today Toronto FC made a bunch of fancy updates to their site. They are certainly nice to see and on the whole they have made a number of different cosmetic improvements including a sleek new background. The biggest change though comes to the academy section of things.

Along with all the sleek and shiny cosmetic changes to that section there is now room for a lot more content surrounding the academy team. The first step to that was updating the rosters so that the site now lists all of the teams for 2012. This year Toronto FC's academy will have U19, U17, U15, U13, and U12 teams competing in various leagues. The U19 team will continue to compete in the CSL first division, and the U17 side will be in the CSL reserve division. For the other teams though there is no word yet as to where they will compete during the summer season.

The biggest thing that jumps out at you from looking at these rosters is that Stefan Vukovic's name does not appear anywhere in them. He is still young enough that he could return to play for the U19 squad in the CSL next season but his name is not there. It may be reading too much into things to assume that his exclusion from the list means that he is in the first team for the coming season, but it would be quite the glaring error for the team to have just missed his name.

In the end, Vukovic signing for the first team would not be a surprise to anyone. He won the CSL's golden boot last season, has been with the team for the entire training camp, and would provide much needed depth at forward. According to most people who I have spoken with about the player, he would have had to be a complete letdown in camp to not get signed up and with his goal in yesterday's friendly that does not seem to be the case. So take what you will from his absence on the roster but I would be willing to bet that his name will not be added to the list at any point. Instead, I expect he will be signed to a home grown contract at some point in the next two weeks.

Edit: Vukovic, along with Quillan Roberts, is now listed in the squad but the change took nearly 24 hours to make. Jackman is still not listed in any of the academy teams so make of that all what you will.