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Canada's new jersey.

Photo courtesy of Umbro Canada
Photo courtesy of Umbro Canada

So there it is in all it's glory. Actually not all it's glory. For it's full glory, click here for the proper musical accompaniment and leave that running in another window while you finish reading. There you go. Now you're properly appreciating it. That was seriously the music used for the full unveiling last night of the new home and away kits for Canada's team. Might have had a more dramatic effect if it hadn't been leaked an hour or so beforehand on the CSA's site, go there, buy one, but oh well, a good effort nonetheless.

I actually quite like it. Going in, what with it being the 100th anniversary and everything I was expecting something with a more commemorative look, or some kind of nod to jerseys past. Something to warrant retiring the old one just over a year after it's launch. In the end we didn't get that at all, we just got a good simple jersey, and after getting over my initial expectations, that's a good thing. There's many times I've bemoaned unnecessary flourishes on kits, whether pointless swooshes, ladybug style dots, or embossed maple leafs, and wished for "just plain red, with the logo and that's it", and aside from the collar, that's what we've got here. So I'll give it a thumbs up.

Of course Umbro suggest there's more to it than that, their press release says:

The new jersey epitomizes Umbro’s ability to have their past inspire their future with sophisticated styling and modern fabric technology. The main body of the shirt is crafted from an innovative material that manages moisture to keep the players cool on the field. Umbro’s tailoring and smart styling is predominant in this shirt with subtle contrast details on the neckline and shoulders. The neck taping and call out on the right hip feature a sound wave graphic of fans singing our nation’s national anthem. Umbro has captured the passion of the fans in a unique way celebrating the special relationship between Canadian supporters and players.


We've got plenty more pictures here, and we'll have some video of the event later, but for now I'll get all interactive with a simple poll.