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Photos from Umbro Kit Party

Well that was a jam packed Q and A between Gerry and Craig, and the Canada coaches. We learned that Canada will be playing the USA in a friendly on June 3rd at BMO Field. On the topic of BMO Field, dispite the recent success that the women's team drew in Vancouver, the next stage of World Cup qualifiers for the men will be in the Center of the Universe again.

Oh and Herdman said he tried out to be a hobbit for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Hey, cheer up John, I heard The Hobbit will be a two part movie, and they certainly must be casting for it by now. Anyways, below are some of my favourites from last night. Thanks to the brilliant Samantha Martin for the photos.

You can follow her on twitter @samanthamartin9

You can find all of Waking the Red's photo's from last night here.


That moment where you thought, this could get awkward. Thankfully that was all they took off.

Find the rest below the jump.


At this point, we just wanted to see the jersey's. The sound wave thing is cool.


I kind of like the plain old school look. The shorts don't match the shirt fabric though.


See Herdman isn't that small....