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Shoshone Speaks: Canada's New Kit

It all just has a bit of a high school team feel to it...
It all just has a bit of a high school team feel to it...

Canada's new kit is out, and Waking the Red's resident football fashionista is taking time away from her RnR at her favourite resort in Palm Springs to evaluate the new kit.

Hello again, my dears!

I was just relaxing by the pool at the resort, looking at some of the latest football fashions -- there's been some beautiful works, some okay, and some just headscratchingly throwback-awful (I'm looking at you, Portland Timbers...with your 1970s throwback). And then, there's the Canadian national team's latest offering.

I understand that it's the 100th anniversary of the CSA and all, but there is a reason why the fashions of that era is limited to steampunk fashions...and there is also a reason why there is limited appeal to steampunk clothing: like the fashions of the 1980s, they went out of fashion. I'm all for recycling -- but just not fashions. It's one of Tim Gunn's fashion rules (if it isn't, then let's just say it's one of Shoshone's rules.)

And what is with the sound wave? I know we're trying to be special but there is a limit. Remember, boys, the girls will be wearing these jerseys in London -- do you think someone watching them in Kazakhstan will really understand what those things are...if they are even able to see it at all?

At the end of the day, I just say...keep it simple, but not high school simple like this. No matter how many buttonless henley-style collars and sound waves you can throw onto it, next time, Umbro...let's try to make our proud boys and girls look a little better, shall we?

Until next time, stay fabulous, stay red! Toodly woodles!