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Kevin Huezo to trial with TFC

The news came from the player's agent, so take it with the appropriately large pinch of salt, but on twitter today, news came out of someone who'll be trying out with Toronto FC when they get to Orlando for the Mickey Mouse Cup. That player is Kevin Huezo, a Left Back, who has played for the US under 20 team under new academy head Thomas Rongen, which is presumably how he came to TFC's attention.

Information on Huezo seems scarce, but according to his online resume, he played for Arsenal and Inter Milan, though sadly the California versions. He's most recently been with Mexican side C.F Pachuco u-20 side where he apparently scored 4 goals and rather amusingly had "too many to count" assists.

It all screams long shot, but I guess Rongen saw something worthwhile back in the day to persuade Aron Winter to give him a chance. If Miguel Aceval is going to be playing more as the Left Centre Back, then TFC clearly still have a depth problem at Left Back behind Ashtone Morgan. Maybe MLS will work better for Huezo than his time in Mexico did and he'll be able to realise the potential that took him to the US U-20 team back in the day, even if not, there's certainly nothing to lose in giving him a trial.