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2012 TFC Season Tickets Sales

So a couple weeks ago, I got to chat with Toronto FC's Business Director Paul Beirne about how sales, prices, and possible perks for Season Ticket holders might be different from past years. Some interesting things to note: The much heralded 19,000 season ticket waiting list has completely been gone through, and that's why you have seen ads on the site about how many season ticket pairs remain(the website lists 72 as we speak). As well, the North stand above the beer garden is sold out this year, so hopefully it will fill up a lot more than it did last year. Beirne said they moved the prices of the new north stand down to make the section more attractive to fans sitting on the fence.

Here's a two minute video report on the 2012 Season Ticket sales, and it's followed by the full 5 minute interview with Paul Beirne after the jump.

What do you think? Are the Blue Jays stealing back TFC's summertime hype? Or are TFC still the hot ticket in town, despite a rough couple seasons? And as a season ticket holder, are you getting bang for your buck with your investment?