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California Dreamin: WTR's California Adventure

If you thought WTR's coverage of the first leg of the Toronto FC/LA Galaxy quarterfinal was impressive -- you haven't seen nothing yet! This week, on top of the usual excellent coverage our writers bring, I will be on the ground in Los Angeles bringing you all the latest action before and after the match at the Home Depot Centre.

On Tuesday, I will be sitting down with Josie and Kayla from our sister blog LAG Confidential as well as Gay4Soccer's LA Galaxy correspondent Tommy McCall -- we'll be breaking down the match, and maybe talk a few other things along the way.

Then on Wednesday, I will be following around some of the diehard supporters that have made their way to LA-LA land for the match. I've always wondered why TFC supporters are willing to go this far (heck, sometimes I wonder why I've done it...but that's another story). I will bring some of their stories.

During game day, I will be on Live Game Thread and tweeting away the happenings at the match. Follow me at @JohannesLanger for an on-the-ground view of the match, and for reactions post-match during the press conference.

It promises to be a packed next couple of days!