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Logan Emory officially signed by TFC.

It was announced today that Toronto FC have completed the signing of 24 year old American defender Logan Emory,formerly of the Puerto Rico Islanders. He's been with TFC as a trialist for a while now, though his sudden appearance in the squad for the pre-season game against Vancouver was a bit of a shock.

The mickey mouse cup commentators explained that he'd been on trial with Orlando City, before TFC came in and turned his head, and then lo and behold he was on trial with TFC instead. They suggested that Orlando weren't all that happy with that development, so it's probably a good thing for Emory that he impressed as I doubt he'd have been able to go back if it hadn't worked out here.

He's described in the article on TFC's website as a Centre Back, though I'm fairly certain I remember him playing at Left back in that one game, so hopefully he'll be able to adequately cover both positions. Either way, I can't see him challening for a first team place just yet. Depth is a good thing to have around though as with Geovanny Caicedo gone, things were looking shaky at CB until Adrian Cann can come back. Terms and conditions weren't disclosed of course, so we'll have to wait for the players union to release salary figures before we can figure out if it's good value or now, but I can't imagine him making that much more than the league minimum to start off with.