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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 2

I'm still in preseason form as I almost forgot about this. Anyway, before the next big game it's once again time to join in Canada's favourite contest, Are you smarter than Preki. First of all, thanks to all who joined in last week, 30 of you, by far a bigger group than ever bothered with smarter than Mo last year, and the standings so far are below the jump.

The big news ahead of round 2 is that there is now another prize available, and this one's actually a good one, graciously donated by our friends over at the Yorkies. You have hopefully already checked out their set of trading cards commemorating the 2011 MLS season, featuring all your favourite TFC players, others from around the league, as well as a sandwich, a cheerleading squad and Nick Soolsma's cat. If not, go there now to check them out, and now you can have your own personal copy. This is of course added to the original craptacular prizes, a Preki doll, and my pressbox copy of the teamsheet from TFC's worst ever home loss.

I'll figure out exactly how I'll change things to allow for 3 prizes sometime in the next few days, before round 3 at least.

Anyway, as always , predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter, 2 points for the correct result, 1 bonus point for the correct amount of TFC goals, 1 bonus point for correct L.A goals. 4 points all together if you get it exactly right. It'll be the result as of 90 minutes that counts for this, no extra time or penalties, so 2-2 is a very valid choice here.

Cheers for playing.

Standings so far.

kilowatt44 4
bfonz 4
Wright anomaly 4
Steph gunther 2
Redwineroz 2
Blindfolded tank driver 1
Dave Rowaan 1
Dkolish3 1
turbobadcore 1
johnleung 1
mps204 1
calvin rowaan1
therealdpan 1
duncan fletcher 1
lesean25 1
sulfur chesh 1
psonumber9 1
radoodle 1
plinkostar 1
slknowles 1
susanjm 1