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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 3

Here we go again, it's round 3 of your favourite Toronto FC prediction game. Do you feel lucky on this St Patrick's day? Is it bad that we're trying to beat a team in green? Will TFC be suffering from a CCL hangover, or be still drunk? Are Seattle all beaten up and ready to lash out at whoever they come across next? Will the fake green stuff, ie the pitch, cause problems for either side? So much to consider.

Anyway, as usual, predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for the correct result, bonus point for the correct amount of TFC goals, and the correct amount of Sounders goals, 4 points all together if you get it exactly right. Points will eventually lead to prizes, which i've snap decided will be doled out in the following way. Due to the amount of people taking part, I'm certainly not going to try and keep track of a points per prediction like last year, so it's just a straight up most points exercise. Longevity and stick-at-it-ness will be rewarded here.

I am going to make it slightly less of a long slog though. Instead of 1 8 month long marathon of a game, I'll split it up into 2 different halves of the season. First half, ending July 8th, winner gets their own set of the fantastic Yorkies cards. Second half, July 11th game against Vancouver onwards will reset under the same rules, with the winner getting the Preki doll. The Philadelphia game 6-2 teamsheet will also be offered up to the first half winner if they want it, if not it'll carry forward to the second half winner.

Seeing as how some are being impatient and already predicting at me on twitter, I should hurry up and post this. Current standings after the jump. Cheers for playing.

Full standings

bfonz 8
Wright anomaly 8
Steph gunther 6
mps204 5
lesean25 5
sulfur chesh 5
susanjm 5
kilowatt44 4
plinkostar 4
andy pereira 4
patrick somers 4
mrskilowatt44 4
c to the d 4
Darth Pingu 3
Redwineroz 3
Blindfolded tank driver 3
Dkolish3 3
johnleung 3
duncan fletcher 3
bert terror 3
flying celt 3
mahmoud shoblaq 3
craig moretto 3
gweeds1180 3
Dave Rowaan 2
kzknowles 2
radoodle 1
slknowles 1
brad taylor 1
canadian texan 1
turbobadcore 1
the yorkies 1
calvin rowaan1
therealdpan 1
psonumber9 1