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Game thread: Toronto FC @ Seattle Sounders

Centurylink Field, 10pm E.S.T
Sportsnet One.

"Champions League and we're having a laugh" Well, at least Toronto are. Seattle had a much more sobering experience of course so there could well be a backlash tonight for TFC to have to weather. That extra motivation can be added to what was already going to be a tough situation, what with it being the first proper home game (Seattle fans seemed quite blase about the CCL with a much lower crowd than usual) of the season.

Unless Seattle fans get confused by the St Patrick's day celebrations and follow the wrong green clad marching band led parade, it'll be a rowdy sellout crowd of 38, 500 or so. Sticking with the St Patrick's day theme, with all it's fake greenery, this will of course be played on Seattle's plastic pitch, though apparently it was replaced in the off season so is better than it was. Even so, there'll probably be an effect from that, even if it's just limiting the minutes of some tired players to avoid injury.

It all adds up to suggest it could be a tough night for our brave boys in red, and should give us a good idea of just how for real is that unnervingly successful team we saw play twice against LA .

For all your pre game reading, you can read my full preview here, James' tactical breakdown of the Sounders here, me and Dave Clark answering each others questions here, and for a variety of different viewpoints from the Sounders side of things, head on over to Sounder at Heart. And, any time before the game starts, you can still join in with Are you smarter then Preki?

We'll be here pre game with lineups and such as soon as they hit twitter, then throughout the game. Join us.

Come on you Reds!