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Frings out 4-6 weeks.

There'll be a lot more of plain clothes and plaintive looking Torsten in the next few weeks.
There'll be a lot more of plain clothes and plaintive looking Torsten in the next few weeks.

Well, that's the news no Toronto FC supporter wanted to see. If the defensive shitshow and subsequent loss to Seattle was nothing to really get worked up about given all the circumstances, mainly that Seattle is a very good team, the real concern was about the status of Torsten Frings. The fact that he instantly knew he needed to be subbed off suggested it wasn't going to be something that would be easily shrugged off for him to return the next week.

A couple of days later, we now finally get the news of just how serious it is. The good news is that it isn't going to be anything long term, but a torn hamstring will be keeping him out of the lineup for 4-6 weeks. We'll have more on this later, including a look at the alternatives in formation or personnel, but suffice it to say it's a big blow to TFC's already slim looking chances against Santos Laguna in the next few weeks.

In MLS play, it's a glass half empty/half full scenario. Over the next few weeks, TFC has a very favourable schedule, San Jose at home, Columbus at home, Montreal away, Chivas at home, and Chicago at home. That's 5 very very winnable games before having to visit RSL on April 28th. You could say it's a lucky break to be missing Frings for what seem like easeir games where we could still get results without him. You could also say that this is a crucial phase of the season, if TFC is to make the playoffs, these are games where points are there for the taking and very very necessary.

Hopefully the team can step up in Frings' absence and get results anyway, hopefully all the talk of the off field effect a player like Frings has is true, and there'll be an as yet unseen mental strength and character that will show itself and see the team through. Whether it does or doesn't, this is a big setback in what was looking like a promising season.