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Game Thread: Toronto FC v San Jose Earthquakes

Toronto FC v San Jose Earthquakes
BMO Field, 1 PM E.S.T

Ah the home opener. Yes it's had all the hype taken away by being sandwiched between the Biggest! Game! Ever! and, erm, the Biggest! Game! Ever!, but still, this is the proper home opener. Sure, the big crowd was fun, but it's good to be back at BMO Field for the first time since October, with all your favourite post game pubs instead of random jam packed downtown bars, with a pitch that's all alive and grassy (though no less dangerous), and air that's fresh, and despite the ridiculous recent heat, it looks like it's going to be proper TFC weather, ie chilly and rainy. It's a chance to swap the dull, slice of pizza or a hot dog food options at the dome for a chip butty, a poutine, a poutine chip butty, or some other culinary masterpiece, and to swap the molson or bud beer options for, well, that's where it breaks down as Carlsberg isn't a massive step up, but oh well. More importantly it's the chance to hold aloft a new scarf, meet up again with old friends, or check out the stadium from a new viewpoint if you swapped seats, basically to get back into the comfortable routine of TFC season.

On top of all that stuff, there's a game to be played and three points to be won. A formation to be tinkered with after the loss of Frings, and a squad to be rotated ahead of Wednesday's semi final. Personally I'm hoping we put the first choice team out there, but who knows what will really happen.

For all your pre game reading needs, get clicky with it here for Dave's game preview, and here for James' analysis of the Earthquakes. Depending on when you're reading this, there may well still be time to enter into the TFC scoreline prediction contest, Are you smarter than Preki?

I'll be here with lineups when they hit twitter, join us then and let's hope they win one for Stefan.

Come on You Reds!