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USA 0:2 Canada. Wait. What?

After Thursday's lacklustre game from Canada against El Salvador, followed by a very convincing win by the US's start spangled lineup against Cuba, no-one was expecting this, but Canada beat USA 2-0 last night. I only saw the second half, but from what I saw it was a fully deserved victory. The highlights below back that feeling up, though they were produced by the CSA, I'm sure the USSF could have produced something that makes it look like a smash and grab kind of game, the US team dominating and Canada scoring on their only 2 chances.

It wasn't that way though, Canada were full value for the win, and yes both goals were headers from set pieces, Doneil Henry and Lucas Cavallini doing the damage, and yes near the end Michal Misiewicz had a few good saves to make, but no-one can argue that Canada didn't deserve what really is a fantastic result. So now, instead of hoping to run up the score against the Cubans to try and sneak second place and a very tough semi final against (probably) Mexico, Canada just has to beat Cuba to finish with 7 points. Presuming El Salvador doesn't also beat the US (unlikely, but hey so was this result), that will guarantee first place, and a game against probably either Honduras or Panama, leaving the other semi final as a mouth watering win or go home game between the US and Mexico.

There are no guarantees of course, just witness the full team's problems with putting away the minnows in last fall's World Cup Qualifying games, and there's still a long way to go to get to the final to clinch the spot in London. But for now, sit back relax, watch the highlights again and bask in the knowledge that Canada just beat a full strength US team, in the US, in a game that matters. Yeah.