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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 5

The San Jose game saw almost nobody get points, with very few people ready to predict we'd lose, never mind that badly. Dkolish3 was the only doomsayer rewarded with points vaulting him up to 3rd place. Full standings are as always after the jump, and if you haven't entered yet, it's certainly not too late to get going and ride the pessimism train to victory.

Predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for the right result, 1 point for the correct amount of TFC goals, 1 point for the correct amount of Santos laguna goals. Winner for the first half of the season gets their very own set of Yorkies Cards, magnificently commemorating the 2011 MLS season.

Thanks for playing.

bfonz 11
wright anomaly 11
dkolish3 10
susanjm 8
kilowatt 44 7
Redwineroz 6
steph gunther 6
mps204 6
lesean25 5
sulfur chesh 5
psonumber9 5
plinkostar 5
duncan fletcher 5
andy pereira 4
mrskilowatt44 4
c to the d 4
blindfolded tank driver 4
dave rowaan 4
darth pingu 3
bert terror 3
flying celt 3
mahmoud shoblaq 3
john leung 3
craig moretto 3
gweeds1180 3
ssreporters 3
the renniesance 3
brucehardingtfc 3
kzknowles/kristin 2
slknowles 2
bradtaylor78 2
varry galk 2
radoodle 1
canadian texan 1
torbobadcore 1
the yorkies 1
calvin rowaan 1
therealdpan 1