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Game thread: Canada v Mexico

Canada v Mexico
Livestrong park, 9pm E.S.T

We've been here before, Canada v Mexico and a flight to London and a place in the Olympics on the line. That ended with Canadians boisterously singing Celine Dion after a 3-1 win. But that was of course the Women's team, who'd gone into the game as favourites and were just doing what was expected of them. Now, for the under 23 men's team to join them, it'll take a huge upset, the underprepared ragtag team overcoming the much higher profile team who've been living up to expectations and showing no sign that they're there for the taking.

But we've been there before as well, just a week ago, when Canada took on Brek Shea, Freddy Adu et al, and came away with a well deserved 2-0 win. That result knocked the states out of the Olympics. Yes, El Salvador put the lid on the coffin and Jaime Alas nailed it shut, but that coffin was made of 100% Maple. Now Canada have the chance to knock the other continental big boy out as well.

That of course won't be easy as the Mexicans have looked to be the class of the tournament so far. Michal Misiewicz will have to once again stand on his head to give his team a chance, and the rest of the team is going to have to play their best as well. It could happen. It probably won't but by the end of the night we might be celebrating the first first time Canada's mens team have qualified for the Olympics since finishing 5th in Los Angeles in 1984.

I'll be here to comment and take you through the game from 9 onwards, and with team news when it comes out before that.

Allez les rouges.