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Toronto FC 0-1 Columbus Crew: A Case of Deja Vu, Part 2,197

I believe I can fly...but not enough to touch the sky, or to win.
(Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE)
I believe I can fly...but not enough to touch the sky, or to win. (Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE)

Well now, haven't we seen this one before?

Despite saving what appears to be a badly-called penalty on Olman Vargas that was brilliantly saved by Milos Kocic, a Bernado Anor goal in the 56th minute doomed TFC to an 0-3 start to the young season. Despite having over 56% of possession and 4 more attempts at goal than the Columbus Crew, finishing and one lapse in defense has now left TFC one of the few remaining teams to be pointless in this domestic season.

(This also means, for those of you who gives a fig, that Columbus now takes the lead in the race for the Trillum Cup...but you don't care now, do you?)

The game started brightly for TFC, which showed a lot of attacking intent from the get go despite the slow feeling out process at the beginning. The first big chance came in the 10th minute when Danny Koevermans missed after being unmarked, one of the many he would scuff throughout the afternoon...the Dutch DP is now goalless in the three games, and it seems his first shot proved to be the story of the afternoon.

Another chance went begging in the 25th from Ryan Johnson which could be considered the first good chance for the Reds, but the game was shaken out of its stupor in the 42nd minute with a penalty that was off a Crew corner. Vargas was challenged by Ty Harden as both were heading out of bounds, when the Crew player falls over which resulted in a penalty call.

Emilio Renteria took the shot, but was saved by the fingertips of Kocic -- justice was done, and the teams went off to halftime. But it was just after halftime, with Julian de Guzman chasing an errant pass (or missing one, you be the judge) that was taken onto the counter and Anor buries the shot while Logan Emory looked on. 1-0 to the Crew and after that, the few chances left again went unanswered. Efraim Burgos Jr. almost slid one home after coming on as a late sub, but that was all she wrote.

Overall, TFC dominated the possesion and chances, but again failed to capitalize while the Crew made their one golden opportunity count. It was a recurring theme during the match, and if TFC would like to pick up some points and/or gain victory over Santos Laguna on Wednesday, it can't happen.

The schedule doesn't get any easier after this, either...after the trip to Torreon, the Reds face their first match with the MLS version of the Montreal Impact (which as this edit is being done, is leading the New York Red Bulls 2-1 in the first half) at Olympic Stadium, followed by matches at home against Chivas USA and the Chicago Fire; with a home-and-away versus either Monterrey or Pumas depending on the result in Torreon.

It's becoming more and more obvious that the injuries being sustained in the Champions League are starting to show up in league form. Is this a chance for Aron Winter to reconsider his priorities? We shall see. But anyway...I'm not going to be biased because today is my birthday and all that...but here is this game's version of Golden Trophies and Kicks to the Groin:

  • A Kick In The Groin for...Logan Emory. If you are facing an odd-man rush, you do whatever it takes to save a goal (save except to give a penalty, but that's another story!) Emory was caught flat-footed during Anor's goal, and rightfully gets a Kick in the Groin.
  • A Golden Trophy for...Milos Kocic. He saved what was a badly-called penalty, which brought BMO Field to life. Was left high and dry during the Anor goal, with defenders only looking on when he can do nothing to save a goal.
  • A Kick In The Groin to...Danny Koevermans. Can't seem to finish so far this season, can you? If TFC is to have any success this season, Koevermans will have to get his act together, and fast.
  • A Kick In The Groin for...MLS schedulers. For making me wake up so early for this match! 12pm MST starts are not cool, even if it IS a 2pm EST start! I don't want to have to wake up so early to watch a match!
  • A Kick In The Groin for...lapses of concentration. Just the one cost TFC a point, or possibly three. Not the way to go here!

So now on to Wednesday we go! How will this affect things in Torreon? How will Danny's scoring drought start affecting the children of the village? And will I ever find a delicious red velvet cake? All this and more, next time on...oh, never mind.